Iced Coffee Maker

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An innovative cooling system that freezes glassware in just a few seconds.

Project Description

  • Improved V2 product – the easiest, most cost effective way to chill your favorite beverages! Our Patented design uses regular water to chill and because there are no chemicals or Gels, all parts of the HyperChiller are dishwasher safe!
  • Having to hit the floor running this morning and don’t have time to prepare your iced Coffee? The HyperChiller will chill your Coffee in less than 60 seconds! Take the edge off a hectic morning by enjoying an Iced Coffee on the go.
  • It works with ALL types of coffee makers whether you use a single brew or a K-Cup by brewing directly in to your HyperChiller! Drip style model, no problem, simply pour the Coffee from the carafe and you are Iced in 60 seconds!
  • Your HyperChiller is perfect for chilling all of your favorite beverages whether it’s a special blend of tea, juice, wine or other adult beverages without dilution… you can even chill a glass of wine! The best Happy hour accessory you can buy!
  • This is the easiest and most convenient item to make iced Coffee without dilution. Simply fill with water and place in the freezer, remove and place in your Coffee maker and brew or pour from a carafe in to the HyperChiller and then into your cup.

What is in the Package

1x Glass Chiller and 1x Semisphere
2x Rubber Sealing Rings
1x User Manual and 1x Gift Box
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More Details About The Amazing Product

Made of 304 Stainless Steel Finished by CNC Finishing

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The application of our product in the bar.

The applications of our product

Freezes glassware in just a few seconds, instant cooling and frosting all types of glasses.

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