Dry Ice Machine

To make your drink looks cool and surprising.

Project Description

INNOVECO’s solid co2 makers are ideal for tissue preservation, specimen shipping, biologicals manufacturing, industrial processes, ice cream, food samples, frozen meats and seafood, and classroom demonstrations. Solid co2 maker creates solid co2 blocks in two minutes or less at your convenience. Simple operation requires no batteries, accessories or secondary procedures. Solid co2 maker includes everything needed to make uniform, ready-to-use . Required cylinders of liquid CO2 complete with siphon are readily available from industrial gas dealers or welding supply houses.

What is in the Package

1x User Manual
2x Rubber Sealing Rings
1x Gift Box

More Details About The Amazing Product

Made of 304 Stainless Steel Finished by CNC Finishing

See Dry Ice Machine Video

Surprising in your drink.

The applications of our product

Freezes glassware in just a few seconds, instant cooling and frosting all types of glasses.

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