This is a good opportunity to increase your beer sales

We all know that the 2018 World Cup will be held. However, fans all over the world will go to the bar to watch the game, and our products just can better improve the taste of beer, can help the bar increase beer sales. Just try our CO2 GLASS CHILLER.

We feel that at this time, your company can hold a promotional event on our products, which will certainly enhance your company’s reputation and sales.
This is a good opportunity to increase sales.

Our services

1. OEM/ODM is welcome for bulk orders.
2. Any question will be replied within 24 hours.
3. Provide high quality goods and save the cost at the same time.
4. Large warehouse to help customers master their market in the shortest time.
5. Cooperate with several professional forwards to save the shipping time and shipping cost.
6. INNOVECO aims at providing 100% original items, good price, fast shipping, and perfect service for you.
7. Agents overseas wanted, given by powerful product price and technical support.

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