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Today we spoke with Michael, who is the export manager for the INNOVECO Company that is based in Shenzhen China. INNOVECO designed and manufactured China’s first CO2 glass chiller. Innoveco’s glass chiller instantly cools and frosts all types of glasses.


(1)  Tell me a little about the history of INNOVECO?

INNOVECO was established in 2012, located in Shenzhen China. Innoveco is quickly growing throughout our continuous efforts and innovative spirit. Decent cooperative relationship with our distributors and attentive service to end customers have enabled Innoveco a worldwide popular chilling brand.

(2)  When INNOVECO developed the co2 glass chiller?

It was an idea in 2012 and we took the idea from one machine one of our customers had talked about it. For technical reasons, the machine was made at the time was very expensive and the potential customers were not so much, so we took the idea, modified the principle and started to develop a more economic and simple machine.

(3)  Who are your customers, and how do they use the glass froster?

Glass Froster in use on aBar

INNOVECO sells its products to distributors and dealers of more than 75 countries all over the world, and our dealers are selling the glass frosters to bars, restaurants, hotels, caterings, wine shops, breweries, wine cellars, discos, pubs…even particular people who use it at home.

How to Chill Wine Fast?

(4)  What should a potential customer know before buying the glass froster?

First of all they have to get informed if a local gas supplier can supply them the gas the machine needs to work, that is, a CO2 liquid gas cylinder with dip tube. Without it, the machine is not useful at all because it doesn’t work. Once we are sure we can get the gas, we don’t need to worry about anything else. The Glass froster GC1000 is able to freeze any type of glass: wine, champagne, beer Pilsner glasses, cocktails. This machine will help you to taste much better all your drinks.

Instant glass freezer china.

(5)  What is the feedback on it from customers – what do they like and not like about it?

The Glass Froster fits in perfectly at the bar.

To be honest, we cannot be more satisfied with the feedback of this machine. It is a machine that doesn’t cause any problem (no motor, no electricity), very simple to use so our customers are not worried about possible breakdowns. They like the more how the glasses are after using the machine, and how they have increased their sales attracting more people to their business. What they don’t like about it? That usually they have to buy more than one unit when they have long counter bars…

(6)  Can you tell us about any new products that are coming out soon?

We are always thinking of new machines. At this moment, my partners are working on a new model of glass froster, this prototype of the machine is being tested now.

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