10-Second Beer Glass Froster What The Beer Drinker Needs

I’ll be willing to take this Beer Glass Froster instead of beer freezer, which conveniently frosts your steins like it came from the freezer in just 10 seconds. It comes true by our CO2 Glass Chiller.

That’s right, no more leaving your beer stein in a freezer for long periods. Instead, just walk up to this appliance, put the glass under the spout, and press the button on top, you’ve got a frosted glass in less time it takes you to tie your shoelaces in the morning.

Using an integrated clamp, the Beer Glass Froster can mount to the edge of a bar or countertop, where it will take up less space than a small coffee maker. It features an oversized spout that should cover the diameter of most beer steins and cocktail glasses completely, ensuring the frosty CO2 cloud emitted envelops the drinkware in its entirety. Using instant glass freeser. Of course, you’ll have to connect this to a small CO2 tank (not included), which stores inside the appliance’s boxy case, where it will sit away from plain sight.

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